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RDT Security Ltd. has been in the security industry for over 40 years providing professional unarmed security officers as well as armed security officers who are licensed and registered in New York State.


We provide an array of services including Armed/Unarmed Security/Patrol Services, Armed/Unarmed Security Escorts, Risk Assessment, and Firearms Training.  All of our officers are licensed with New York State Department of State and have completed the required training courses as well as receiving addtional training.


Unlike other companies, RDT Security Ltd. relies on the fact that it has the flexibility to provide individually tailored services to our clients business needs in association with our affiliated partners Gold Shield Training Center and Pioneer Shooting Center.  Both companies are located onsite.  Gold Shield Training Center is a certified traininig center with the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services armed/unarmed security officers, peace officers and other members in the police and security industry.  Pioneer Shooting Center is a live fire 9 point tactical shooting range completely renovated in 2014.


It is our mission to provide clients with security service they need in the most efficient, cost effective and comprehensive manner possible.  RDT Security Ltd. is structured and organized in such a way that the highest degree of service will be provided to all its clients at all times.


Training & Orientation                             


It is our policy to conduct hours of classroom training for our officers, the cost which is absorbed by RDT Security Ltd.  All new employees when assigned to a clients facility or complex are met at the job site with the company supervisor who spends an undetermined amount of time with the security officer to acclimate the officer to his/her new working environment.  Annual retrain classes are conducted every year according to New York State Law and are acclimated to the clients’ needs and any situations that are specific to the client facility.


Insurance, Licensed and Bonded                             


RDT Security Ltd. is a duly licensed and bonded security company functioning under the laws of the state of New York. The members of our organization have been operational in the field of security service, training, executive protection, consultation and analysis for well over 25 years.  RDT Security Ltd. is insured in accordance with New York State Law.


Armed Security Services                              


RDT Security Ltd. provides Armed Security Services, Armed Security Escorts, Armed Patrol Service, and Professional Private Investigators.  All of our Armed Security Officers are licensed with NY State Department of State and have completed the 47 Hour Firearms Training Course and all annual training requirements.


Management and Supervision                             


Since its inception, RDT Security Ltd. has been considered among the most imaginative and innovative contract security agencies in the New York Metropolitan area.  Like many of our clients, RDT Security Ltd. is unique in its organization, public relations, service response and supervision.  RDT Security Ltd. will provide these services to your business at the most effective way possible.  RDT Security Ltd. field managers and supervisors are available upon request to visit the facility at irregular unscheduled hours and confer with our security officers on a regular basis.


Quality Services                             


Due to the innovative programs, our on-site supervision and the quality personnel supplied, we enjoy a reputation for not only supplying cost effective quality service but are rated as one of the most professional security agencies in the area.  Our recruiting, selective training and supervision programs show our clients continuously use our security officer service for all their facilities and complexes.


24 Hour Emergency Call System                             


RDT Security Ltd. maintains a 24 hour on call emergency response system.  Management will be contacted directly through this system and a member of our staff will contact you immediately to rectify any security issue.




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